What a wonderful read I had with “Shine”, written by Helena Goodwill.
This book is such a praise to your soul, celebrating the beauty within you.

We are always taught to be small, to behave ‘normal’ and live a modest life. Be like everyone else in order to be loved by the people around you. Be a good girl / boy.

Yet life offers so much more and we ARE so much more! We are great souls with unlimited possibilities to create our lives. We have lived through so much, we have a story to tell. To inspire others, to uplift them by sharing our experience and what we have learned from it. Free yourself and share it, contribute your special gift to the world.

This practical book puts you to work with helpful questions and assignments to reflect upon. Keep your notebook ready!

Just reading this book is a happy experience, using the book makes it transformational: it deepens your believe in you, in what you are worth. Helena helps you to connect with your inner power. Dive into it!

“You have come here to shine! You’ve come here to share the brilliance of you: all your unique ideas, your thoughts, your loving energy and your compassion. Share it! Express it. Be all of you. That’s who you came here to be, to be embraced by life in your fullness.” 

Uit – “Shine” by Helena Goodwill

Let your light shine

Do you wish to grow, take life in your own hands and shine your light? You are inspiring, you have your life story. Share it, share your wisdom. Let your true self shine through.

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